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The good news is that we always get what we ask for…We just have to ask for it a lot and we will eventually get it.

People sometimes confuse the idea of selling homes with the polite conversations. Polite conversations are like a whirlwind that passes by without notice. There is no direction. There is no purpose and it is pretty unlikely that the whirl wind will benefit anyone. A sales conversation has a purpose and it leads somewhere. The more linear the better. The more directed the better.

Keeping direction on a conversation or a relationship is not as hard as we might think. All we have to do is to remember what the reason for your meeting was. Most people buy homes or have someone sell their home that has their best interest at heart. In the case of a real estate client their best interest is to get through the transaction phase as painlessly as possible.

Buying a house or selling a house is a very stressful time in the lives of the clients. We sometimes forget it is not just stressful for us but if we remind ourselves of this constantly, everyone will have an easier time. When the stress is building, let the time pass without pressure and the clients will appreciate it far more than us adding additional pressure by forcing them into a situation that they are not prepared for at that moment in time. But that time will pass..


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