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sitonrockMany real estate professionals take the holidays as vacation days for themselves. To Qazzoo that is like a the president of a retail store taking off during peak season or a head waiter taking off Friday or Saturday nights. This is when the buyers come out to buy as they have vacation time and if they want to see a home this is when they actually have the time to do it. We need to be there when the buyers are open to work with us.

Many times we fall into the trappings of those that are not in our business when the complete opposite is more beneficial to driving more business. We should be taking off on Mondays and Tuesdays and that is great because those are the type of days when the rest of the world is clogging up traffic and the stores that we want to shop in. We need to use our flexible schedule to work against the norm and enjoy the freedom it gives us on the off hours or even off-season travel. We need to use our time as wisely as possible and enjoy that time as much as possible. As real estate professionals we are constantly being pulled in several different directions at once. We can try to do whatever everyone else wants or we can do what is best for us by scheduling the time and taking the time that we have provided ourselves to do the things that fewer people are doing at the same time.


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