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When we get a lead for a home buyer in the middle of December we are virtually guaranteed that buyer is more motivated than at any other time of the year. The same holds true with the dead of winter or the autumn months. As an example if a buyer is willing to drive through snow and ice to see a home we can feel fairly assured that they are feeling a level of commitment that few people feel when the weather is clear and temperatures are moderate.

The same holds true of buyers at the end of the summer as many are trying to move prior to the beginning of the school year. This additional motivation is helpful to our being able to communicate the urgency of committing as the urgency is already in them as the time ticks by and they need to provide the school district with a home address that is associated with. Spring and Summer buyers are never a bad thing it is just that they are picking the time of year that is more conducive to shopping and not as much buying as their Autumn and winter counterparts.

There is no bad time but there are better times to sell a higher ratio of buyers than others. If we remember this and hold ourselves accountable to increasing our percentages we are more likely to feel the uptick that would not exist if we used only number of buyers rather than gauging them on motivation.



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