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crossroadHow do you win more listings and convert more buyers? First, develop a brand identity, separate your personal from your professional life on Facebook and remember that real estate is still a personal, local business. It may sound simple, and it can be, with the right tools!

  • Develop a brand identity. This is your No. 1 priority. What does your brand stand for in the marketplace? Regardless of what brokerage you may work for, when you become a real estate agent, your name is no longer just your name. Your name is a brand and it is the brand that customers will interact with the most. Here is a simple branding exercise: write down 3 – 5 things that you think your brand represents in the marketplace (and don’t just say, LOYALTY, INTEGRITY & EXPERIENCE). Be more specific. What is your niche? Remember this phrase, “Own a niche to get rich.” Then ask friends, family and colleagues what they think your brand represents in the market. Compare their responses with yours. Of course, if all they know you as is a real estate agent, you are in trouble and you do not yet have a real brand identity or a well-defined niche.
  • Separate your personal from your professional life on Facebook. We all know that the overwhelming majority of people will use the web at some point during the home-buying or -selling process. If Facebook is the largest website on the planet, there is a good chance that your clients and prospective clients will search for you there or at least end up there after searching for your name online. What will they find? This is why you want to make sure you build a business page targeted toward “what you do and where you do it.”
  • Remember: real estate is still a personal and local business. Last I checked, you can’t shake hands with a Facebook page. In fact, people don’t care if you have 1,500 friends on Facebook if you can’t sell their house. Concentrate on being the “hyper local” expert in your market, and you will be successful. Remember if everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, text, Google+, websites and email, then nobody is door knocking, farming, writing, calling, talking and living. The successful real estate professional of 2016 and beyond will combine as many of those things as possible. Everything you do offline, MUST have a call to action to drive people online. You can’t measure it, if you can’t track it!

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