Q A Z Z O O . C O M


Qazzoo.com is a consumer-powered search engine utilizing proprietary search-in-reverse technology to connect consumers with the businesses that want to serve them.


Instead of displaying merchant sites as search results, Qazzoo displays consumer profiles as search results. Qazzoo provides the only customer acquisition solution where businesses can determine the quality of a prospect before paying for an action; offering a more efficient approach toward acquiring new customers vs. today’s increasingly complicated and cost prohibitive paid search advertising campaigns.

Our approach in generating business while providing the consumers with what they want is completely opposite to what has happened online to date.  Traditional methods of advertising are focused on generating as many actions by the consumer as possible without necessarily generating more business for the merchant or providing the best match to the consumer.

Search engines leave the merchant hanging on the right side of the search page or on the top of the page in a highlighted area in order to drive more traffic to their advertisers. This system is fine but creates a great deal of clicks without creating business. This is because search engines have no obligation regarding the lead capture or conversion rate of any specific advertisers site. As soon as the consumer has clicked through to a site the advertising platform collects its money and has no further interest. This system doesn’t work as well as we would all like but it is all that we had until now.

With Qazzoo search technology and social media have been fused and the results are better than we have seen before. No longer is the business left to the whim of the consumers fickle finger of fate. The business can search and locate their best fit consumer. If the merchant sells cowboy boots they don’t have to waste precious advertising dollars on Click Zombies clicking on their adverts from people that want English riding boots.

Qazzoo lets the business click on the consumers that want exactly what they sell. What a concept!?