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Today, we have technology at our fingertips. Although they were already in use in the real estate industry, virtual tours have spiked in popularity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. While there is a bit of a learning curve, they are a successful alternative to in person home showings because they support the concept of social distancing. Because they have been well received overall by buyers, sellers, and agents, there is reason to believe they continue to have a strong presence in the industry even after the pandemic. Continue reading and discover a few reasons why people love real estate tours in 2020. 

They are time savers. 

Time is money. Many people are unaware that it can become quite expensive to attend several showings. In many cases, buyers and agents need to drive several miles to see multiple homes in person, with no guarantee that they will even like the home. One of the most appealing benefits of virtual house tours is that it can potentially eliminate buyers a lot of unnecessary driving. If a buyer can identify from behind a digital device which homes they wish to see in person, they can exclude the listings from their search they know are not worth their time. 

They are cost-effective.

We can expect more real estate businesses to invest in 3D virtual tour equipment in the future. In many ways, it is a wise investment that should produce positive results over time. High-quality images, computer graphics, and 360-degree videos will appeal to home buyers and generate more traffic to an online listing.