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Where do you place the blame when things start going wrong in your business? Do you blame that new intern that just got hired a week ago, the receptionist, the person who should have retired a few years ago, Well in my experience many times its blamed on the Marketing team, and everyone loves to blame us for everything they can think of!

I hear several times a day well we would be able to do this if we had real estate leads in this area, or that area sucks wish you guys would invest some marketing dollars there to get us some more real estate leads. I literally receive at least 10 marketing requests a day for different areas throughout different states throughout the country…

faultMany people have a hard time understanding that money doesn’t grow on trees, I have a budget just like everyone else and that means I have to put the marketing dollars to work where they will work best, and I’m sorry but that means Musselshell, Montana is most likely going to be overlooked, its only 2.6 square miles so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to market that area, where Los Angeles is 469 square miles, much better to market and attempt to gain some real estate leads.

Keep in mind also that many times I need people to be interested in moving to these areas to be successful with my marketing, so a very small town of less than 100 people often isn’t practical because most of the population has no idea it even exists, let alone an interest in moving there. But still we do what we can for every area that we can with the budget that we are given and that’s all that we can really do in the world of real estate.

Another thing I have come to realize is when you finally hit a goal that becomes a new standard and people expect that to be hit all the time, I have been in marketing a little over a year now and have finally started matching and exceeding the success of the person I replaced about four months ago, well what do you think happened? My budget was lowered and I was told to increase the conversions through my AdWords accounts…Ah the life of a marketer…But I love it and the challenge so I am still here slaving away trying to anticipate the latest trends that will give me an edge to hit my goals and watch them become the new normal as well, really putting myself in a bind! I’ve got to stop doing that!

fault2So next time you want to place blame; remember that it’s not always someone’s fault, sometimes we can only do so much with what we are given, because believe me if my boss walked in tomorrow and said we hit the jackpot and have unlimited money you best believe I would have real estate leads in every single inch of the country, or at least would try to no matter what the cost….but sadly that isn’t the case and we all have budgets with consequences that follow if we spend too much.


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