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It seems to be a subject coming up a lot lately, during the house buying or selling process just who is the boss?

I have seen many real estate agents that attempt to tell their clients what to do because they know that is the right way to do it, and it blows up in their face, but I have also seen the home owner or buyer defy the logic and turns out the real estate agent was right the whole time.

whos the bossSometimes it’s easy to forget that you work for your clients and you represent them. This does not mean you make decisions for them or can tell them what to do. However you can offer your advice and try to navigate them in the right direction, but ultimately you work for them, they make the decisions, and after all they are selling or buying THEIR home, not YOURS.

It is reasonable to expect that certain types of buyers and sellers will need more help than others, first time buyers will rely on your expertise throughout the process because they have never been through it before, but we need to be careful not to take advantage of this, they have trusted you to help them make the process as easy as possible and to look out for their best interest; this includes getting the best deal possible for them as your client.

The best type of business is repeat business, a first time buyer has the potential to be a lifelong customer down the road, as if the transaction is positive they could come to you again in the future to sell this home and to help buy another, the possibilities are endless.

Always remember that even when you disagree with the buyers or sellers ideas or will, they are still your client, it is still your job to represent them and service them. You can argue your point and attempt to reason with them to what you think is best but in the end it’s their decision and you have to honor it. It would be much easier if every decision could be made by you with all the experience and knowledge of the market you have but nothing in this life is easy. We just have to remember that it’s easier to work together than to fight every step of the way, and in the end they will buy a house or sell their house, it might take longer but it will happen.


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