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We have all seen geo-targeting for years now and some companies are better than others at the objective of generating business using geo-targeting. It is far more complicated than number of hits or even number of agents in any given area or Zip Code. The equation includes lead capture and calls to action that the online platform asks of its visitors. The more calls to action the more likely action will be taken.

changeIf all the stars line up and the amount of traffic, the number of agents provided and the lead capture is not too intrusive the platform can work out very well. If any of the aforementioned elements are not in line then the whole thing falls apart for the advertiser. This is what many of us saw when we looked at what was going on with the internet and we thought that things could be different. Things could be weighted more in favor of the local real estate agent if they had some choices. What if the real estate agent was able to see more information about the home buyer by seeing the real estate lead before it was sent to them and they were called? That could be pretty interesting.

So Qazzoo has created the platform that allows real estate agents and loan officers to see as much information about the home buyers as if they had conducted a first phone call interview. After seeing the information they can then determine if they want to work with the homebuyer or home seller. This way the time invested is reduced chasing clients that the real estate professional may not want to work with after all. The idea of being able to see more about a person than their name and phone number is one of the benefits that Qazzoo provides and this is one of the things that make Qazzoo so different than what has come before it.  Because we thought “Things don’t have to be the same.”


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