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online-leads1Call them on the phone immediately. Qazzoo does this with people that request information from us and as real estate agents we did the same thing with real estate clients. It is surprising how many professional sales people don’t do this one key thing that can make all the difference in the world to themselves and the real estate buyer or seller. After being a real estate agent for more than a month a buyer has had to communicate at least once that they didn’t get a follow up call from a real estate agent or that the real estate agent forgot about an appointment or some other indicator that follow up was the key differentiator between what we would consider a successful relationship and an unsuccessful relationship between real estate agent and the home buyer.

The problem sometimes occurs because of the vast number of ways we can connect with each other. Years ago when the phone was the only option we didn’t have the level of confusion. We knew that if we wanted to get hold of someone we had to call them on the phone. Today the picture has become a little less clear for some and they have been seduced by technology. Qazzoo believes this is a positive thing for real estate professionals that know that they can take advantage of this confusion. While other real estate agents are adding their real estate leads to their drip campaigns, the enlightened agents know that they can pick up the phone and make a connection with less trips and traps and missed opportunities.

Traps like spam filters that don’t tell us that the real estate lead that we emailed did not receive our very well crafted emails. The real estate lead that doesn’t check their emails that frequently. They do have a phone and a voice mail message is 100% more effective than an email or a text. Emails and text messages are great follow up tools but nothing will ever beat talking to someone. In person is preferred but in order to get to the person to person, eye ball to eye ball meeting we need to get on the phone first.

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