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Social media continues to play an important role within the real estate industry. Agents often use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market their services in one way or another. However, many agents struggle to post on a daily basis to social media because they run out of ideas. With this, here are some content ideas agents can use to post daily to social media.

Blog Posts

Real estate agents like to blog to their websites because it is a great way to drive organic traffic. Every time a real estate agent posts a blog to their site, they should share it on social media. It only takes a matter of seconds to share a post on social media and it is a great way to direct even more traffic to your website. There is also nothing wrong with sharing older blog post posts to your social media pages every once in a while as well. 

New home listings

A great way to create more awareness about a home listing is to post it to social media. This gives an agent the ability to generate more hype around a listing by describing it more in detail. When sharing a listening device you can write out a description where you highlight in detail the best attributes of the home/property. Another benefit of sharing home listings on social media is that they can easily be reshared by users.

Real estate industry news

There are always new happenings within the real estate industry. Some examples of such include mortgage rate trends, new constructions in a neighborhood, new opportunities for first-time homebuyer discounts, and so forth. Stay informed with the latest real estate-related news and use it as content for your social media channels.