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Real estate leads are worth far more than the price of the lead. They are worth the commission that can be generated from each lead. Sometimes we get too caught up in the price for the lead instead of the ultimate value of the commission that is generated. If we focused on the potential commission instead of the cost of the investment we may do more consistent follow up?

net-worth-250x150One problem that we have is that there are several online companies that should not be in the advertising or lead generation business. The online lead generation is not for the faint of heart. It can get rather complicated as it requires generating enough leads to keep the real estate agents and loan officers happy while balancing the quality of the lead with the cost real estate agents and loan officers are willing or able to pay for an online real estate lead.

If any of the previously mentioned factors is not in alignment the whole thing sort of gets out of balance. Some companies don’t worry about generating online reale state leads but sell advertising instead. This is fine but the advertiser has to know this in advance and not have their expectations get too high or expect too much for what they are paying. We need to maintain a positive feeling about each and every online real estate lead. If the advertising platform is generating the real estate leads that are meeting our expectations that is great, but we need more than one way of generating online real estate leads. Having one source is a dangerous way to go about our business as that one way could be changed at any time and if we have no plan B we are just waiting for disaster to strike. We should be willing to invest enough to keep us going at a good clip but not so much that we can’t keep up with the leads generated.

This is one reason that Qazzoo allows their clients to let unlocked leads credits roll over to the next month. Sometimes we get too busy to handle all the clients we would like in the professional manner in the way we feel we should. A wasted online real estate lead doesn’t do anyone any good. The buyers and sellers lose and the real estate agent and loan officer are also not benefited.


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