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One of the most integral stages of the homebuying process is the home inspection. As a buyer, you want to ensure you know what you are getting into before you purchase your home. With that said, here are just a few important points that home buyers should be aware in regards to inspections.

A home inspection is not an appraisal

Many people are under the misconception that a home inspection and appraisals are the same; however, they are entirely different. A home inspector is only concerned about the value of your home, only its safety. It does not matter if a home receives an excellent appraisal report; a buyer should still pay for a home inspection.

The buyer should attend the home inspection

There is no reason why a homebuyer shouldn’t attend the home inspection. This is because it presents the perfect opportunity for the buyer to ask questions about the property to the inspector. In addition to answering questions, many inspectors are happy to share their own tips based on their knowledge and experiences working in real estate.

A home inspector can’t check everything

Many buyers are under the misconception that the inspector will check every aspect within the home. This is simply just not the case. It is not possible for an inspector to identify every single issue within a home. There are limits to what an inspector can do during a visual inspection. An inspector can’t see inside a wall or underneath floorboards to check for issues. With this said, home buyers need to be realistic in their expectations of home inspectors.

Newer homes need to be inspected

It does not matter if a home on the market is new or old; it still needs to be inspected. Many experts will even argue that newer homes need to be inspected even more so than older homes because they may not be old enough to show signs of leaks and mold yet. With older homes, it is a lot easier to spot problems with just an eye test.


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