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Don’t let me go crazy on this subject as I will be all too tempted to do so. The method of shopping for a new home or a pair of socks is the same. It is all about eliminating options and narrowing our focus. When we forget this we can wind up showing condos in faraway lands to real estate leads that will eventually buy a single family home close to their office or yours. Regardless of what they buy it is more important to determine what they will not buy. If they have three kids and a parent living with them the chances that they will wind up in a two bedroom condo are pretty low.  Yes there are exceptions to the rule but the exceptions are why there are rules to begin with. If we follow the rule we will be happier and save ourselves and our real estate leads a great deal of time and energy.

We are visual creatures so let that work toward our advantage and theirs. Ask questions before you show the first home that create pictures in their minds that they can easily make decisions from.

“Can you see your family in a large two bedroom condo?”

“Can you see yourself in a home with 2 acres of property that will need to be maintained?”

visualize_successBy having people visualize where they will live and how the living experience will be is very helpful. As an example most people don’t see themselves in a home that has less than two bedrooms but they may see the beauty of the savings of not maintaining an entire home and exterior property as a benefit once you put into terms that they can see in their mind’s eye.

“Can you see yourself saving all of the time and energy of not having to maintain an entire home. A place where every day cleaning is done in 10 minutes?”

Condo fees come up and the buyer thinks they are getting robbed until we ask them to visualize the savings from not paying property taxes and that they will never be required to paint the exterior of the property, fix a sprinkler or repave the driveway. These are experiences that most people can visualize and once feel the experience they can see the benefits of having a condo fee. The opposite is also true.

“Can you see yourself mowing two acres of grass every weekend”

If the answer is “Yes, I grew up on 50 acres and love to mow grass” well that is someone who will not be buying a condo anytime soon.

So focus on what they want and don’t allow them to go off on confusing tangents, bouncing between types of homes, neighborhoods or anything that does not narrow the search. Anything else may lead them to continue renting their grandmothers basement apartment. Can you see that?

If you use the visualization tool, let me know how it worked for you?


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