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video-textingVideo texting goes well beyond the video of our friends and co-workers so that we can share the party with those that could not attend. Video texting is a way of communicating quickly and with more impact than a traditional text.

Which has greater impactful: Radio or Television?

If you answered television, you are correct and this post has landed in the right hands. If you answered radio, you may want to stop reading and go back to the fire pit and turn the Dinosaur roast over so it doesn’t burn.

Television is 10 times more impactful and pictures speak a thousand words. This is a great cliché which means a great deal when it comes to selling homes. Curb appeal is all about the vision of the home from the street or the curb. This can be communicated best with a picture and pictures are even better when they move. So texting videos is about as close as most of us will ever be to Quentin Tarantino or Steven Spielberg but we can use some of the tricks of their trade to improve our own.

Most directors like to keep the camera moving so that added life is brought to the subject.

We don’t have to move the camera a lot to get the same effect. Just moving the camera a little to the left or right can create a sense of being there and when we give a voice over with our own soothing and educated voice we can express and even greater understanding of the subject.

CAUTION: Do not go salesy on a video text. Tell the high points and a low point or two but remember the hope is that the recipient watches it and shows it to their significant other, family and friends. Repeating the same short video with Joey Isuzu talking in the background can make the sender sound like a carnival barker.

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