Q A Z Z O O . C O M


As Sam Goldwyn was famous for saying “Verbal contracts are not worth the paper they are written on” this adage works also for guarantees. That is why Qazzoo puts the guarantee right out there for everyone to read on the web. And here it goes again…The contact information for the home buyer or home seller is 100% guaranteed to be accurate. If for any reason the contact information for the buyer or seller profile is inaccurate all the real estate agent or loan officer needs to do is flag the lead and indicate what was wrong with the contact info and the agents account will immediately be reloaded with another profile of their choice.


That is the strongest lead quality guarantee on the internet and we are proud to be able to provide it in order to add a sense of comfort for the real estate professionals that don’t need to chase down bogus leads while they are trying to do their actual job of selling homes. Qazzoo’s job is to make your job easier and help real estate and loan officers stream line the process of doing their job and not to making it more difficult with technology that is hard to understand or operate. Qazzoo is as simple as falling off a log.

It is simple because we realize that people don’t always have time or the desire to learn a bunch of new technologies in order to do their primary task of selling and listing homes. We are dedicated to concept of simplicity and helping professionals do more business and consumers having their needs met with less hassle and more results.  Give it a try and search a zip code that you would like to serve or if you are in the market for a home, upload your profile and know that you have reached out to the most proactive real estate professionals in the country.


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