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Bob Marley said it best, although I don’t believe he ever meant it to be used in this way. The way I am referring to is for YOU, the real estate professional, who needs more homebuyers and home sellers, to literally stand up and do something! Don’t sit around waiting for them to call you, walk into your office, or for some lead generation company to send them to you through email, No get on your computer or smart phone and go to Qazzoo and start working with more homebuyers and home sellers now!

Type into the search bar above homebuyers in whichever zip code you prefer to work in, you will see all the buyers in that area in need of your service, it will be the same if you change out homebuyers with home sellers. A few weeks back there was a post here about bad weather, if you didn’t read it go back and read through it. (Click here to read)

I’ll wait. Did you read it? Good.

bob marleyAs I was saying the post about bad weather discussed how we react on such days, well if you are a motivated individual that is still working then I applaud you, if not it’s time to get motivated because connecting with potential homebuyers and home sellers couldn’t get any easier than the program Qazzoo is offering, regardless of the weather, you can connect with these people. We email you when new profiles are created, you can claim them there, you can claim them on the website, and you can also claim them through our mobile app!!! There are so many ways to connect with these people who are in need of the service that you are offering.

So why not get motivated, get a few more homes sold, connect with a few more buyers, establish that pipeline. If you are still convinced that these foul weather days are strictly for sleeping in, watching movies in your PJ’s all day and just in general waiting for it to pass, you are making a crucial mistake! These days are perfect for connecting with clients, why you ask? Because almost everyone is at home! No one has meetings, or errands to run, they are all stuck at home due to the foul weather.

So as Bob Marley put it “Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights!” and start connecting with homebuyers and home sellers that need your help! Don’t wait for them to come to you…cause they are at home…cause the weather sucks!


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