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twohandedWhen meeting someone for the first time the handshake is still the biggest impression that you can leave. That is the part that is so easy and yet so many times missing from the first meeting. It is an old and long cherished tradition that should be exercised whenever possible. It is very easy to spend a little extra energy that makes people feel special and closer to you.

All you have to do is place your left hand on the top of the hand shake that you are already engaged in. this simple act makes people feel that you are a person that puts extra effort into whatever they do.

This means that friends and potential clients are going to feel closer to you also.

This two-handed handshake was the precursor to the bro hug and it remains very powerful without breaking into someone’s personal space. The best part is it works for women and men. Trying hugging a woman who you have just met in a business setting…it won’t go over well.


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