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How to turn a sitting duck listing into a profit in the winter monthsMajority of agents do not like to list homes during the winter months because the lack of activity in the market. This has become a thing of the past since homebuyers can home shop from the comfort of their homes with the internet.

Less competition

If a home stands out during the summer on the MLS, imagine that listing with less competition. Listing a house during the winter months because of the lack of inventory is essentially like have a featured listing on a property site. The more eyes on your listings, the more showings and more offers.

Homebuyers don’t hibernate

The amount of houses in the winter months do dwindle down but that’s not the case for the consumers. Winter home buyers are eager to buy a home. Keep in mind they are looking at homes when the inventory is a low as 30 percent. A house that wouldn’t get much attention in the summer due to other listings can turn into the talk of the town in the slower months.

The price is right

A common mistake during the winter months is putting a high listing price on a property and losing the homebuyers interest. By putting a slightly lower listing price than normal can kick start the showings and generate interest.  Some agents turn their winter listings into a bidding war by listing the home at a lower than market price. This can lead to a bidding war and selling the home over value.

Don’t be scared of listing homes in the winter months. It is easier than most agents think.

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