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We post a lot about what is trending so far this year, which has been a very interesting year for the market. But, who knows the market trends better than real estate professionals themselves? The market can change quickly. and real estate professionals are often the best resource for upcoming trends and shifts because their success depends on it. Having an idea of what is to come in the market will give you an edge over your competition, as well as help you better serve your clients.

So, as we were searching for real estate professionals to explain what they think the biggest trends of 2018 will be, we found this wonderful article by Forbes that did exactly that. They surveyed fifteen members of their Real Estate Council for trends they were surprised by so far this year.

1. Technology Advancements

2. Blockchain

3. Return of the Co-Ops

4. Home Prices Still Rising

5. Softening Cap Rates

6. Continued Dive in Retail Assets

7. Millennials Buying Homes

8. Steady Stream of New Construction

9. Low Available Inventory

10. Social Community Management

11. Lack of Transparency

12. Texas Investment Opportunities

13. Profit Taking in Affluent Markets

14. Visual Marketing Trends Soaring

15. Single Family Rental Assets.

To see their explanations and their credentials, you can check out the article here.


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