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Coordinate online and offline advertising and generate more Real Estate Leads or mortgage Leads.

Too often we find ourselves jumping from one to another method of generating Real Estate Leads or Mortgage Leads. This is mainly due to the fact that we as Real Estate professionals are constantly bombarded with new and creative platforms that are sold to us as “must haves” if you want to remain relevant. In a recent study several platforms were pointed out that either work or do not work for business, which is another way of saying they do or do not generate Leads. It is all about Leads, not hits to your site, or how much time someone spends on your site. It is about generating Leads and turning those Leads into potential clients and then selling your services to as many of those potential clients and making a living. And with any luck, a good living.

By coordinating as well as possible what works online with what works offline we can multiply our return on every dollar invested in advertising. Too often we come to believe that if we break even on advertising, that its good enough. It is not and from over a decade of experience generating millions of Real Estate Leads and Mortgage Leads we have seen systems that work and systems that don’t.

First, the  systems that don’t work.

1. Newspaper Advertising was once our go to method of generating highly targeted Real Estate Leads. Newspapers are all but dead now and the people who read them are not generally our target audience. As people get more of their news and information online, newspapers have been the victim of too little too late. Ask yourself if you wanted to get as much information you could about a car, would you look online or go to the convenience store and buy a paper?

2. Most of social media. Most of social media is made up of people that are already in the same industry or interest group. Sites like Linkedin as an example are designed for peer to peer communications and do not have the tools for a professional of any type to connect with consumers. This is the norm for social media where people are talking constantly to others that they already share a commonality which is the antithesis of generating Real Estate Leads or Mortgage Leads. We need to have opposites come together to create need and that need creates business.

Now some things that do work

1. Signs and business cards are still your best investment and should not be overlooked. Low tech does not mean low return.

2. A winning site with a great URL (see Buyhudnow.net) this site works and works well generating 15 Real Estate Leads for every 100 visitors. That is up from the average Real Estate website which generates one Lead for every 100 visitors.

3. When you place your great URL on all of your signs and business cards you have created some synergy that is the beginning of creating a very simple and effective marketing campaign

4. Craigslist is now the final touch to a great marketing campaign. By placing your properties on Craigslist and then linking to your (Buyhudnow.net) type website you are on your way to selling 2 to 5 times more homes by generating 10 to 15 times more Leads.


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