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6 Effective Methods To Turn A Click into a Client

I can never do business with that guy. He called me back too fast. Have you ever thought that to yourself? I didn’t think so.

The online world we “live” in today is a world of instant gratification. Looking for a good restaurant? Google it. Looking for a fact? Wiki it. Want to know what is going on in the world? See what is trending on Twitter. The answers are at our fingertips.

An elevated level of instant gratification is expected by your customers as well and I think we all forget that from time to time. When a customer calls you they are looking to you as an authority for their informational inquiry. So, in a sense, you are their Google, Wiki and/or Twitter – regardless of your industry.

Mobility – Blessing Or A Curse?

But why is it that most real estate agents are so lazy with follow up calls and returning emails? In many cases agents NEVER call anyone back. Why do agents let voice mail run over capacity and take days or even weeks to clear all the messages? Were you not near the your phone?

Fact is the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that by 2015 there will be 1.3 billion people working outside of the office. Which means, even though you are mobile, you are still accessible, and your clients know that.

For the most part, a phone call is a lead. An email is the same. The phone call starts and ends with a “click” on their phone and a click when they hang up. An email from a potential client ends with a “click” – SEND!

My 6 Tips For Turning A Click Into A Client

Here are 6 tips to help you turn a click in to a client and also lower the frustration level of a potential client when trying to contact you.

1. Texting: These days most people are calling from cellphones. So, a quick text right back can’t hurt and, in the mobile world, is good etiquette. But, there are those people that think texting is a bit impersonal. So, you’ll have to use that one carefully.

2. Voice Mail Overrunneth?: Don’t let that voice mail get overloaded. Fact is most of our cell phones have voice data management built in. You can now just look at your phone and see who left you a voice mail. There is no real reason to let your voice mail overload. Clear out the fraternity brother’s poker night invitations to make room for more important calls.

3. Set Up Your Outgoing Voice Mail: If you are going out of town be sure to indicate that on your outgoing voice mail. If nothing else, the caller will understand you are away and their expectations of a call back will at least be kept in check.

4. Email Auto-responder: Take time to set up an auto-responder email announcing your upcoming sabbatical. A simple message, “I’ll be out of the office from X until X. Please call my assistant Marilyn Monroe should you need immediate assistance” will put the callers’ mind at ease. They will at least have the option of calling one of your colleagues.

5. Leaving Town?: If you are leaving town, forward all your emails and calls to an office assistant or a fellow agent. Be sure they are diligent with answering your calls and problem solving while you are away. Fact is most people that take the time to pick up the phone to call you actually want immediate gratification. Give them what they want even when you are unable to personally deliver. They’ll love you for this. It shows that their business is important to you. They’ll see that in preparation for you absence you’ve been proactive with making arrangements and that level of attention ultimately reflects on how you perform in other areas of your business

6. In House Follow Up: If you are in the office and too busy to take a call get your assistant to listen to your voice mails, take notes and follow up first with the clients in need of the most immediate attention. The calls that aren’t “on fire”, have your assistant call those back and let them know when they can expect a call back from you.

Generating Hot Buyer Leads

Generating hot buyer leads in real estate is difficult. As important as a lead generation system may be, more important is how you follow up with those leads and your desire to Turn a Click into a Client. You have a very small window of time to react to an inquiry.

I consult a lot of real estate clients with their lead generation campaigns. I tell my clients I can get buyers to call you with my List Now Sell Fast System but what you do from there determines whether or not you will succeed.

As a result I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what tools and services I like the best so that I can recommend those services to clients. I find myself more and more gravitating towards services where I can get someone on the phone. I’ll admit, I like my “hand to be held” from time to time by a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. Yes, it is true.

Give all your customers the same level of customer service that you would expect. It will most definitely help you turn clicks in to clients.



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