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  1. Cold Call Expired Leads – Cold calling is a tried and true technique for trying to convert leads for lots of agents, but making sure you are re-engaging with old or expired leads could open up a new goldmine. Many leads that were not ready to commit a month ago could be operating under different circumstances now, so make sure to check back in with old lists.
  2. Host an Educational Event – Many first time home buyers or sellers are looking for help, and everyone loves free stuff. Host a seminar aimed at educating people on the ins and outs of the current market, complete with refreshments, and you will be presented with an opportunity to meet qualified new leads face to face.
  3. Send Handwritten Notes to Potential Clients – if there are leads that you have had promising conversations with and things have stalled, don’t be afraid to send a handwritten note their way! This provides a nice personal touch that is likely to make them reach out. You can also do this to find new leads, and send out a general mailing in your area. Need help finding leads to connect to in a particular area? Qazzoo can help you zero in on quality leads.
  4. Get Referrals from Other Agents – A great way to access a new pool of leads is to get referrals from other agents. Many times, if agents are working in a similar area, they have leads that they can’t help, and those are the leads they can pass along to you. Set up an exchange with other agents in your area so you can trade leads and refer each other.
  5. Hire an Inbound Sales Agent – An inbound sales agent is someone whose job it is to prospect leads for your agency for commission. While this may take a little extra legwork and money, the leads that are returned from the effort are usually qualified and already on their way to being converted.
  6. Try Sphere Prospecting – Sphere prospecting is when you reach out to people in your “sphere of influence,” or your network of friends, family, and coworkers for leads. This technique may not generate a huge number of leads, but the leads it does generate already have a personalized relationship with you, so they are more likely to stick around.
  7. Drive Curious Neighbors to an Open House – If you’re looking to build authority in your area, getting as many neighbors as possible to your open houses should be one of your main goals. A firm handshake and a smile can work better than a decade of real estate flyers or door hangers. If you are looking for ideas, check out this article on throwing the perfect open house.
  8. Utilize Your Social Media Profiles – While people are not always browsing your website for new listings, posting on your social media profiles is sure to get attention from your followers who could turn into leads. Post new listings to Facebook and LinkedIn, and join online chat groups for local neighborhoods.
  9. Upgrade Your Website – With so many people turning to the web to find their next house, it is important that your website demonstrates your value. Make sure to give it a facelift if you have not edited it in awhile, and add a blog where you can put out content that will bring in people from other parts of the web.
  10. Focus on Relationship Marketing to Convert Leads into Repeat Customers – Relationship Marketing is the term given to leveraging current professional and social relationships to increase referrals and repeat traffic. People will want to use you again if they trust you, so giving them reasons to trust you is key to converting current leads and gaining new ones!

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