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brandStaying ahead of the competition in real estate is all about building top-of-mind awareness. Often, the more unique your approach, the better, as it sets you apart from competitors. When it comes to building and maintaining your image across multiple networks, it can be challenging to establish a strong identity and build trust with buyers and sellers, as each platform offers a different user experience and requires a distinct marketing approach.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

The key to a strong branding strategy is to present a consistent tone, message and image, as it allows consumers to verify the authenticity of your brand. This helps to reinforce your identity, strengthens brand recall and drives positive sentiment. Here are five tips to help you develop a solid brand identity across your social channels, website, blogs, and more.

  1. Get to know your audience.

At this point in your career, you have an idea of the type of buyers and sellers you typically work with and understand their wants and needs. Take a look at their social channels to see what they’re posting and how you can create content that fits their needs. By the same token, when you gain a new follower, reciprocate their interaction. Engage with their posts where appropriate to show that you’re listening and have a true interest in the relationship.

  1. Develop consistent engagement.

Post regularly on social media, but don’t overdo it, either. There’s a fine balance, because if you post too often, you could risk losing your followers. Consider the advantages of posting your content on multiple channels to reach a wider audience, but be sure to tailor your posts to fit each site’s style.

  1. Offer helpful resources.

Today, building brand loyalty is about giving buyers and sellers instant access to valuable information. Since consumers can research and find anything online, agents and brokers need to stand out with specific content that can help clients in their selling or buying process. Developing blogs, videos, checklists and other content will resonate with clients, distinguish you as an expert and keep you top of mind.

  1. Build authentic connections.

As a brand, agents should keep in mind that platforms like social media are forms of socializing. You’re building relationships just as you would when networking in person. Because of this, it’s important to establish and develop your online voice. When engaging with your followers, relax, show your human side, and be genuine. By creating a more relaxed identity, you’re showing that you’re more than just a real estate service. To do this, post content you’re interested in that doesn’t necessarily relate to real estate, such as your favorite decorating ideas, cute dog videos, etc.

  1. Consistency is key.

Consumers should recognize your brand regardless of the setting or platform. To do so, be sure all of your images and colors are tied back to your business. Remember, your brand style should be an extension of your business, so derive it from existing materials, like your website, marketing materials, signage and business cards. The goal is to seamlessly connect all of your platforms so prospects and clients will recognize your work in every location. Customize your cover photos so that your image has a consistent look and feel from one social network to the next. Remember to tailor the graphics to each network’s size requirements, and use your logo where possible, along with uniform colors, fonts and design style. For personal branding, agents should use their professional headshot. Sharing that smiling face on all networks will create a warm first impression.

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