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It used to be as a real estate professional all you had to do to get a few more clients was take out an ad in the paper or place a few signs around town, now days you are doing something similar except they are all online. The problem is many people are unsure how to go about doing this and end up paying some self-proclaimed expert to build them a website that looks nice but does not perform. Well I believe I can help these people and guide them in the right direction, but it will take some form of investment and it will take time, but doesn’t everything? You have to invest it or it won’t grow.

time-for-changeIn my career of Real Estate Marketing I have come across several lead generation services and seen the pros and cons of each and what people like about them and what they wished to be changed. Well the good news is these types of things actually work sometimes, they create an ad for you and advertise you as the local expert in the area for a fee. Well as professionals we all know that homebuyers need some help in getting to the point of where they are ready to buy a home, and sometimes sell their existing home, so the process takes time. A major hurdle we often face is the potential client has a terrible credit history or equally worse…an outstanding credit history.

Now many of you I am sure are sitting there saying “this guy is nuts, how is an outstanding credit history a bad thing?” well I can tell you that many times you are not their only option, these are the people who are looking for the best deal for the smallest amount of money, you know “rate shoppers.” They are extremely difficult to work with for loan officers because they want the best interest rate with the smallest amount down and could care less about service until it is too late.

Again the team here at Qazzoo has struck gold! How you ask? Well we took every positive thing that we ever heard from real estate professionals over the years and put them all together and built Qazzoo. As you can see the leads are real-time and you can hand-pick the ones you would like to work with. Did I mention the flag data feature? If the profile turns out to have a bad email address, phone number, or name you can flag it for an immediate refund.

Some real estate agents love the battle and loyalty that comes from helping someone with poor credit while others prefer the people who are about average that they will just need to find something in their price range. Regardless of your preference in type of client; Qazzoo has thousands of potential homebuyers and home sellers looking for your expertise to help them through the process. If you don’t believe me take a minute and enter in the search bar at the top of this page “home sellers” or “homebuyers” along with your zip code and hit “Search” and tell me what you see…everything we promised!!!


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