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Qazzoo seems backwards to many people but so did crowd sourcing or most of social media for the beginning stages of it. Once they started to see the benefits they changed their minds but some people will always be reluctant to adopt new things. Like everything else that comes down the cyber pike there are a few that grab on to a concept and love it while others don’t seem to understand it at all. In a meeting with our legal department the other day one of the lawyers said “I still don’t get it”

“What don’t you get” I asked him.

He said “Facebook, Linkedin and all that social stuff…I don’t want people to see me online and know anything about me. Why would someone want to become a Real Estate lead on a social platform?”

I pointed out to him that homebuyers and home sellers are having the same problem as Real Estate professionals now that no one has a copy of the yellow pages at home. They can’t find the appropriate complimentary person who they can either be helped by or help in their pursuits. A first time  Homebuyer looking for the right Real Estate agent online can accidentally get pushed to a Realtor that only works water front homes or specializes in high end homes. In this case the Realtor gets charged for the Real Estate lead but the lead was not a good match for them. At that point the home buyer or Real Estate lead can become discouraged and this path leads to a longer cycle of home buying for the potential home buyer and wasted time and money for the Real Estate agent.

Of course the man I am referring to above is pretty close to being brilliant in his own right but at his age and occupation might indicate he is not an open person who has needs that he wants to have filled. His age is not a remark about old people (I am no spring chicken myself) but his age does represent that he is probably not planning on buying a house any time soon. He has owned his home for years and has no intention to move.

When Qazzoo branches out to say Automobiles or even legal services he may find himself with a completely different opinion. As a potential car buyer I am sure he would rather put his data on Qazzoo instead of driving all over the county looking for the right deal. And as an attorney I think he  would find Qazzoo a wonderful alternative to the traditional online advertising campaigns.

The point is that Qazzoo has helped thousands of homebuyers get in touch with the right Real Estate professionals that can help them and they find the practice of providing some information online to be normal and not out of the mainstream. Qazzoo doesn’t ask for social security numbers or any other personal information and Qazzoo doesn’t make any information mandatory, so home buyers and sellers can include or exclude any information that they want. Of course the more information the better as the search engine ranks the consumer profiles based on quantity and quality of information as well as other intangibles that make up the algorithm.

Go ahead and see if Qazzoo works for you…I bet you will be surprised at how much time you save and how easy it is.


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