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texting-new-messageWe text our friends and family every day. We send pics and videos of strange and interesting places and we receive pics of what people are eating or about to eat way too often. What most of us don’t normally do is use our text feature as a tool. It is easy to do and so few people do it well that it can be a way to stand out from the crowd.

You are sitting at your desk and calling clients about the progress of their closing or which houses they want to take a look at this week. We do this constantly but we don’t seem to work our text into the stream of communications. This may be because many of us see text as impersonal and not as engaging as a telephone call. What if we were to making it more engaging than a telephone call?

What if we were to take a short video of a home and text it to a client before they see the home. This would be very impactful and give the client the value of our service before they meet with us. It could either eliminate the home or increase the interest of a home. It could communicate that we are looking in advance for the homes that they are interested in. It could give us an additional way to build loyalty with our clients and bring them closer to us in a way that traditional texting doesn’t do.

If we call someone we have not met and we send them a text of ourselves and introduce ourselves with a short “Hi John, this is Mary and I just wanted to say thanks for talking today and I look forward to meeting with you on Tuesday…have a great day” video. This short video does several things that are all positive.

  1. It shows that we understand technology
  2. It shows that we are focused on giving personal service
  3. It shows that we think outside of the traditional way of communicating
  4. Most of all it shows the client that we are interested in them and that they are important

They are after all more important than the dinner plate that we received a pic of last night but they don’t know that until we show them.

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