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Technology that matters is the technology that is able to be used by people now or is part of a larger project that when combined with other technology will make a difference in how we live. Being an inventor can be a lonely and frustrating occupation. Inventors and researchers are the unsung heroes of our time. People that create so that we can create better more useful lives and experiences should be applauded and not forgotten about when the device or technology is used. At Qazzoo we could be considered Steve Jobs fanatics but like everyone else we forget to thank the people who allowed Steve’s work and inventive nature to become real. There are people who were assigned impossible tasks and are able to make it happen regardless of the level of difficulty. There are still others that are assigned by someone or take it upon themselves to solve a problem that even when it was solved the market may not be ready for it and therefore it may be shelved. These inventors come in all creeds and are in all types and sizes of business.


Some inventors are paid and some are not. The vane that runs through them all is that they want to make things better than they are now. Qazzoo believes strongly that without these people and a leader that the world would be a less wonderful place to be. Taking a picture on our iPhones and filtering through our Instagram and sending to a friend on their tablet took thousands of people creating and inventing in order for us to enjoy what we often take for granted. We believe that there should be a monument built to all the inventors and toilers that have made our lives a little better. How about a large statue of Steve Jobs in front of the patent and trademark office? Signifying the difference that he and others like him have made in our lives and listing out his accomplishments. As I said, at Qazzoo we sort of admire Steve Jobs to an extreme and think we should be reminded more than we are of what he did for all of us.


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