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Rodney Elkins, a seasoned real estate professional and the Broker/Owner of World Impact Real Estate in Florida, faced the ongoing challenge of recruiting talented agents to his brokerage. To overcome this challenge, Rodney decided to leverage Qazzoo, a real estate lead generation platform, as a powerful tool to attract new agents. This case study highlights how Rodney Elkins successfully used Qazzoo leads to recruit new agents for World Impact Real Estate.


  1. Recruitment Challenges: Rodney recognized that recruiting new agents in a highly competitive real estate market required a consistent and efficient lead generation strategy.
  2. Quality Over Quantity: It was crucial to identify agents who not only matched the brokerage’s culture and values but also had the potential to thrive in the industry.
  3. Time and Resource Efficiency: Rodney needed a solution that would optimize his recruitment process and allow him to focus on the most promising candidates.

The Solution:

Rodney used the platform and his increased lead flow to engage and recruit new agents throughout several states.

Rodney Elkins turned to Qazzoo to streamline his agent recruitment efforts. Qazzoo, known for its real estate lead generation capabilities, offered several key features to assist him:

  1. Advanced Lead Filters: Rodney utilized Qazzoo’s advanced filters to target prospective real estate agents with specific criteria, such as location, budget, and listing price, ensuring that the leads generated were highly relevant to World Impact Real Estate.
  2. Real-Time Notifications: The platform provided real-time notifications whenever a potential client matching the criteria became available, enabling Rodney to reach out promptly.
  3. Time-Efficient Lead Qualification: Qazzoo’s verification process pre-screened leads, reducing the need for extensive qualification efforts.
  4. Customized Engagement: Rodney used the platform and his increased lead flow to engage and recruit new agents throughout several states. With no geographic limitations, Rodney was able to source leads from untapped markets he was trying to break into.


Rodney Elkins’ partnership with Qazzoo led to significant achievements in agent recruitment:

  1. Increased Recruitment Efficiency: The advanced filters and ability to hand select leads enabled Rodney to reach out to potential agents in untapped markets who were more likely to align with the brokerage’s culture and values. This increased the efficiency of his recruitment process.
  2. Quality Over Quantity: Rodney was able to prioritize the quality of recruits over quantity, resulting in a higher success rate in recruiting agents who were a good fit for World Impact Real Estate.
  3. Time Savings: By automating the lead generation process through Qazzoo, Rodney saved valuable time that he could allocate to personal interviews and engagement with prospective agents.
  4. Growing the Brokerage: World Impact Real Estate experienced steady growth with the recruitment of agents who contributed to the brokerage’s success.


Rodney Elkins, Broker/Owner of World Impact Real Estate, successfully utilized Qazzoo leads to address his recruitment challenges. By leveraging the platform’s advanced filtering capabilities and real-time notifications, he streamlined the recruitment process, focused on quality over quantity, and grew his brokerage with well-suited, talented agents.

This case study demonstrates how innovative lead generation platforms can empower real estate professionals like Rodney Elkins to efficiently and effectively recruit new agents, ultimately contributing to the success of their brokerage.

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