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Qazzoo Finding the Best Leads

Out the front and in the back the leads come in to sites that generate leads the old fashioned way. They promise the user a chance to look at some homes that no one else has and then require a

Who said Things Have to be the Same?

We have all seen geo-targeting for years now and some companies are better than others at the objective of generating business using geo-targeting. It is far more complicated than number of hits or even number of agents in any given

What Does The Zillow And Trulia Merger Mean For Real Estate?

As we all know by now the pending merger of Zillow and Trulia was approved early this year. What does the merger mean to the average real estate agent? What can we learn from the past in order to determine

Qazzoo Building the Business of Business

The construction of a website is often the first step in building more business for real estate agents and loan officers. This first step seems like it should do the trick when it is being built, but the truth is

Qazzoo Leads for Sellers and Buyers!

The buyers are the easy part. The sellers are just a little more complicated but really they are easy too. Just put in the search bar the word “listing” or any reasonable facsimile of the word. Other words that work

Farewell Summertime Blues

Summer is officially here in full force, I don’t know about where all you readers are from, but I am from Severna Park, MD, and live in Annapolis, MD. If you are familiar with the area you understand how terrible

The times they are a changin in Real Estate

It used to be as a real estate professional all you had to do to get a few more clients was take out an ad in the paper or place a few signs around town, now days you are doing

How to find real homebuyers using Qazzoo Part XIV

How to claim a lead?  or “Consumer Profiles” If you are still not familiar with Qazzoo, go to the search window above and add your Zip Code or that of where you are looking to create more business. You will