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Use These Tips To ‘Wow’ Your Clients

When was the last time you were at a restaurant or store and received an unexpected service or treat? Perhaps your favorite restaurant gave you an appetizer on the house or the plant nursery you frequent gave you a free

Millennials and Trust, Convenience and Expertise

There is a shift in the way consumers make purchasing decisions. The National Association of REALTORS® reports the number one way a consumer chooses their real estate agent is based on referral. However, most millennials will solicit several referrals before

Dealing With Unrealistic Listing Prices

As a real estate expert, you offer a great deal of value to your clients. While you spend hours researching the top trends in their area, learning about the recent selling prices and creating the perfect marketing campaign, often your

Tips For Getting The Buyer Representation Agreement Signed

Over the last 20 years, the real estate industry has changed drastically when it comes to buyer representation. We’ve gone from an environment where buyer agency wasn’t even legal to one where 59 percent of buyers are represented, according to

The value of creating trust

Trust will get us through the times when faith in the process begins to wane. Trust is what bonds people together and allows us to speak truth to troubled times. The bank declines the loan. The house under appraises. The

Show and Tell

It is any surprise that people don’t take our word for things that we know to be true? What happened to trust and faith in our fellow-man? The great shift occurred when we were all younger or not yet born.