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Picking the Right Real Estate Lead Platform

It all depends on the individual. If the real estate agent wants to received blind leads that only have a phone number and maybe an email address, than passive advertising methods offered by sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com may

Copycats Follow and Big Cats Stray

It is rare that during any mob thinking that all the mob benefits from the collective thinking. From the tulips to the California gold rush and the dotcom bubble when the mob travels in one direction the people that benefit

What Does The Zillow And Trulia Merger Mean For Real Estate?

As we all know by now the pending merger of Zillow and Trulia was approved early this year. What does the merger mean to the average real estate agent? What can we learn from the past in order to determine

Help On The Fence Buyers Do The Rent VS Buy Math

We all know that the benefits of home ownership outweigh renting in the long run. But in many U.S. cities, that’s the case even with shorter time frames. And we can do a better job of helping people realize that.

Geo-Targeted Advertising Compared To Qazzoo

What is up with all the sites that sell Geo-Targeting? That is just the first question. The next question is what are the differences? We have sites from Zillow and Trulia and Realtor.com that all share the same business model

Qazzoo reviews IDX feed winners and losers IV

The struggle continues between the IDX feeds and the brokers who feel that they are losing out on potential deals that their listings create. The struggle does not need to exist and should be rectified sooner rather than later, one

Qazzoo reviews IDX feed winners and losers III

The Losers Listings Agents The General Public The real losers in the IDX debate are the listing agents that have worked hard on creating a book of business over the months or years. They have generated the reputation and cultivated

Qazzoo vs Google II

As discussed in a previous post Google, Bing and others are considered passive advertising and are based on the user selecting the advertisement of the local loan officer or real estate agent and then contacting that loan officer or real

How to find real homebuyers using Qazzoo Part IX

The incredible (there I go) benefits of using Qazzoo Qazzoo is like nothing before it; Instead of paying for leads or geographic advertising and getting whatever comes your way. Even worse is trying to run an advertising campaign on a

Mortgage Leads come in?????…..A Distant Second

Being able to generate mortgage leads is always a tricky affair as most home buyers just don’t shop for a mortgage. People shop for a house in the same way most people shop for a car and then get a loan as