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3 Things Homebuyers Should Know About Purchasing a Foreclosure

There are several advantages of purchasing a foreclosure in 2019. Most notably, they present an opportunity to score an excellent deal on real estate. After searching, you may be surprised at how many forclosure properties there are in your desired

Qazzoo and getting more Real Estate Leads

All we need is “More”…The following is a true story and can be compared to real estate leads and what we all really want as well as how to get it. During a Christmas morning a little girl opens another

One Thing We Can Do To Close More Deals

The one thing we need to do is to follow up on every lead. Not just the ones that sounded like they were going to buy something tomorrow but the ones that may be buying something in the next several

Negotiating Mistakes Could Put Real Estate Agents at Risk

The housing market is about to heat up across the country as warm temperatures arrive, which means more business for real estate agents. One of the most important aspects of their job is to negotiate a sale. Any mistake made