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The Essentials That Are Needed To Achieve Success

Regardless of how much knowledge and experience you have, or think you have, there is still more to learn. Learning is essential for growth, and growth is critical to success. After all, if you don’t grow, how can you expect

Bring Your Best Game to the Game

We are human and we tend to avoid getting put in situations that make us uncomfortable. The idea of rejection has long been a fear of people and that is a driving force behind many a failed career. Rejection is

Becoming a Top Dog in Real Estate

Becoming a top dog, top producing real estate agent in any given area is not as hard as it is to be a lower producing real estate agent in the same area. Like running a low volume restaurant there are

Agent Confessions – “What I Wish I Knew When I Started”

What if you could know everything the elite agents already know and practice without having to go through the same school of hard knocks? Well, you can. Each agent starts in real estate with grand visions of big paychecks and