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Bring Your Best Game to the Game

We are human and we tend to avoid getting put in situations that make us uncomfortable. The idea of rejection has long been a fear of people and that is a driving force behind many a failed career. Rejection is

Qazzoo Referral Real Estate Leads Part 4

If the most important three words in real estate are “Location, Location, Location” than the most important three words in selling real estate are “Follow up, Follow up, Follow up”…err six words. The point in the sales process where most

Qazzoo Referral Real Estate Leads Part 2

This gets us back to the referral only being written on the back of an agent’s card. New agents that see this should ask the person if they would be willing to sell them a home. That is not a

Qazzoo and getting more Real Estate Leads

All we need is “More”…The following is a true story and can be compared to real estate leads and what we all really want as well as how to get it. During a Christmas morning a little girl opens another

The Biggest Hurdle with Inventors

Inventors often are concerned that someone is going to steal their idea and run with it. That someone is generally a highly funded and well-organized group of suit wearing guys from either New York or Silicon Valley. It may seem

Qazzoo on Partnering Up

The first thing we need to do is find what we don’t like to do and stop doing it. Or in the worst case scenario at least do less of what we don’t like. There are people who don’t like

Do You Love To Sell?

Why do we love to sell? It is the best affirmation that we are doing a good job. It is immediate and clear that we have done our work well when someone says “Yes” to what we have to offer.

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Would you rather be sailing?

If you would rather be sailing or whatever the cliché is in your neck of the woods, you are not alone. We would, most of us anyway be playing tennis, sailing, skiing or whatever the local outdoors provides. The difference

Sales is a craft that improves with practice

If you are reading this post there is a very good chance that you are in sales of some sort. And if you are in sales…of some sort, you probably received some training along the way…of some sort. With the

Zig Ziglar

The Qazzoo representative responsible for the Carolina’s is Mike Hobgood. He was recently on the phone with a new client and the new client gave Mike a quote from the master of sales Zig Ziglar. The quote goes something like