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Top 5 Questions from First Time Homebuyers

As a realtor, you tend to hear the same questions repeatedly from people who are looking to buy a home for the first time. And, it makes sense, because making the leap to buying a home can be scary and

Qazzoo reviews IDX feed winners and losers II

The Winners Syndicators Buyer brokers New agents Aggregators The big winners of syndicating real estate listings are the syndication sites themselves. Secondarily, buyer agents and new agents also benefit from the lead generation aspect of the advertising they are able

Newspapers and the wild west of the internet

Why has working Real Estate leads become more difficult while the internet is supposed to help connect people like never before? The internet today is not too different from the newspaper business in the muck racking era we learned about

Is Facebook a viable Real Estate Lead gen source? Opinion 1

Facebook is great for so many things, from keeping up with your family and friends to making new friends and following your favorite sports teams. But does Facebook actually create any direct business for anyone other than Zynga and a

Are online Real Estate Leads a scam? Part I

The fact that the question that is most commonly asked by real estate agents is “Are online real estate leads a scam?” should not be a surprise. One reason is the lack of transparency that historically could be measured more

Is your home pre-qualified for sale?

Does your home stack up against the mortgage approval process? In the world of real estate, we hear so much talk about buyers being pre-qualified or pre-approved when buying a home. Those selling their home might want to get their