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Qazzoo Reviews – My Qazzoo Experience

We received this great review from another happy Qazzoo user! “I unlocked my first lead with Qazzoo just over 2 months ago and I have already closed on a home for that client. I also have listed one home so

How to make the web work in Real Estate Part II

If you haven’t read part one of this two parter you should HERE. Thanks First thing we need to do is to stop reassess our priorities when designing our website. Here is a common priority list for a Realtors site.

How to make the web work in Real Estate Part I

First let’s go over what doesn’t work and why. Like most good stories or trouble shooting initiatives it starts in the beginning. Step #1 A Realtor gets a website built with their logo and pictures of beautiful homes and they are told

Brain B. Reviews Qazzoo.com

Here is a wonderful note from one of our clients: I am a Realtor in Colorado and a happy Qazzoo  Customer! I have been with Qazzoo for a few months. From the get go Ryan Stevenson and  Bill Hann have been very helpful

The New Qazzoo

What? You haven’t heard of Qazzoo? Have you been preparing your meals and watching TV from below the confines of an enormous rock? Qazzoo is fairly new and we understand that things take time but it is close to a

How a female Real Estate professional sees the Real Estate market!

I don’t know if it is any different for women and men as I have never been a man, but I thought it was worth some investigation to see how professional women felt about the current Real Estate market as

Real Estate Leads – You can’t really sell anything to anyone

  REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALISM: YOU CAN’T REALLY SELL ANYTHING TO ANYONE – NOT REALLY! – – – If you think this is a ridiculous and wild statement, then you are definitely the person who stands to gain the most from