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Housing Markets to Look Out for in 2018

Now that 2018 is almost halfway over, investors and industry experts have been predicting which markets will come out on top of the U.S. market. With traditionally smaller markets rising to compete with the likes of the Big Six, this

Drones and Real Estate

Chances are good that in 2015 you read an article, heard a news story, or overheard a conversation about the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, in real estate and other businesses. But it seems that there are

Picking the Right Real Estate Lead Platform

It all depends on the individual. If the real estate agent wants to received blind leads that only have a phone number and maybe an email address, than passive advertising methods offered by sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com may

Geo-Targeted Advertising Compared To Qazzoo

What is up with all the sites that sell Geo-Targeting? That is just the first question. The next question is what are the differences? We have sites from Zillow and Trulia and Realtor.com that all share the same business model

Qazzoo reviews IDX feed winners and losers

The IDX feeds that provide real estate listings to syndication sites have come under increased scrutiny with each passing week. Recently several members of the Austin Board of Realtors have moved toward removing their entire inventory of homes from sites

Top three ways of generating Real Estate Leads or Mortgage Leads Part 1

Hitch a ride sites that create Real Estate leads or mortgage leads for you. Sites like USHUD, Allhud and Hudexchange allow you to advertise only in the geographic areas you do business. These sites have been online since 1999. Other