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Qazzoo and Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is the new, new thing…for today at least. The issues that are going to soon plague the wearable tech medium are mostly going to revolve around generating money from the tech and the ability for us to use

Working Around Holidays

Many real estate professionals take the holidays as vacation days for themselves. To Qazzoo that is like a the president of a retail store taking off during peak season or a head waiter taking off Friday or Saturday nights. This

45% of Buyers Use Open Houses as Key Part of Home Search

According to the 2013 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 45 percent of buyers used open houses as a key part of their home search. Facts from the NAR surveys to home buyers say almost half

U.S. Waterfront Home Values Twice as High as Overall Home Values

Nationwide, the typical oceanfront or lakefront, single-family home is worth more than double the median value of all homes, and in some communities the median waterfront house could be worth ten or more times the median value of non-waterfront houses.

Qazzoo Improving our Game

It isn’t hard to get trapped in the same old same old. All we have to do is the same things that we are comfortable with and within 21 days we have a habit that is hard to break out

Why Blogging Is Important For Real Estate Professionals

You may be questioning whether you should be blogging as a part of your overall marketing plan. You may have heard that blogging will improve your overall SEO results, as well as drive increased visitor numbers to your website. However,

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns about being under water on a current home

After paying market value for a home in 2007 it is very likely that what was market value is now 10 or even 50 percent below market value. This complaint is a common one in today’s real estate market. Most

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns about the increasing mortgage rates

As real estate markets improve the federal government wants to balance the scales so that the real estate market doesn’t spin out of control again. The complaint we hear most often about this increasing of the mortgage interest rate is

A Depressed Real Estate Market leads to an Outstanding New Year

If you don’t believe the headline do a quick search on Qazzoo above and see the thousands of homebuyers that are asking for help every day. Real Estate leads create their own profiles on Qazzoo and are free to be

How a female Real Estate professional sees the Real Estate market!

I don’t know if it is any different for women and men as I have never been a man, but I thought it was worth some investigation to see how professional women felt about the current Real Estate market as