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Marketing with YouTube? Part III

I began this series of posts a little over three months ago now, and I am happy to say that by sticking with my routine and working on my videos every day I have successfully ranked a Qazzoo video on

Marketing with YouTube? Part II

YouTube…isn’t as hard to crack as Google but it’s still a challenge to see some positive results. A few weeks back I published a post about the efforts of marketing with YouTube, if you haven’t read it CLICK HERE to

How to create a great real estate lead generation machine a step by step

Seriously doesn’t it just make us all a little crazy that real estate leads are people and people are sometimes motivated to tell less than the truth when they are online. The anonymity that the internet provides is somehow empowering

Qazzoo Continues to Change the World of Real Estate Lead Generation

Like anything that is worth doing Qazzoo is worth doing right and to do things right we are constantly changing and improving the system that is Qazzoo. With several patents on social search engine technology, we are obviously the first to create