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Top 5 Ways To Grow Your Digital Brand

When you Google real estate in your local market, is your business at the top of the search results? With 92 percent of potential buyers house hunting online, boosting your online marketing efforts is crucial for building a successful business. Here, Marki

Is Facebook a viable Real Estate Lead gen source? Opinion 2

If you haven’t read the first addition of this post entitled Is Facebook a viable Real Estate Lead gen source? Opinion 1,   Please do. It is not so different from the same crap we have been buying since Homes.com started

Top three ways of generating Real Estate Leads or Mortgage Leads Part 2

Create a website that generates Mortgage Leads or Real Estate Leads. There are literally hundreds of website development companies, potentially hundreds just in the Real Estate and Mortgage arenas. The question you have to ask yourself and them if you

Facebook advertising: Can it generate Real Estate Leads?

Social media is great for being social but as we can learn from the tips and tricks of using social media for generating Real Estate leads you are probably better with a large sign being spun and tossed around by

Real Estate Leads on Google skyrocket

A recent article published by the New York Times speaks to the issues that now affect the ability to use Google as a marketing tool for local businesses. The article titled “Small Players Seek an Alternative to the Expense of

Top 6 Tips to turn a Click into a Client

From Click To Client: 6 Effective Methods To Turn A Click into a Client I can never do business with that guy. He called me back too fast. Have you ever thought that to yourself? I didn’t think so. The

Real Estate Leads – Newspapers Dont Work

Well the reason that newspapers did work for so long is the same exact reason that they do not work today. In the pre-digital world newspapers by their very design did not allow the real estate advertiser to list all of the information about