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Where else do you see this kind of ROI?

Introduction: Dan Andrews is an accomplished loan officer with a decade of experience in the mortgage industry, currently working at Gold Financial Services. His primary objective was to increase purchase business and strengthen relationships with local realtors. To achieve these

How Can You Prepare For A Pre-Listing Home Inspection

A couple of the first questions you may ask once you decide to list your home for sale are: what will a home inspector be looking at and how can I possibly prepare for a home inspection? For answers, we

Qazzoo Reviews Home Buyers; Are They Liars After All?

When Qazzoo reviews buyers we see them not as liars any more than those of us who have ever told someone that we loved them, and then failed to marry them and live out our lives together with the person

Qazzoo Reviews Muckrakers and Scumbaggers

Muckrakers were huge in their time and we now have a similar type of reporting on the topics of our days. The topic is the internet itself and the lack of trust that comes with people working in a virtual

Qazzoo Reviews the Art of Content

Here is the best way to write content for your site that does not read like you are trying to just fill it with content …and that’s not what were doing here…with this blog post… Recruit other bloggers and offer

Qazzoo Launches New Blogs!

Qazzoo is very excited to announce the launch of its newest blogs Qazzoo Reviews and Qazzoo D.I.Y. Qazzoo Reviews is a blog dedicated to reviews from Qazzoo’s perspective as well as reviews submitted to us by users. This past week

Qazzoo Reviews Exporting Leads to an Existing CRM

While Qazzoo reviews the suggestion box we meet in a dimly lit conference room in the penthouse of our two-story building. There is a large sofa that we take turns sitting in while the others stand around in a circle.

Qazzoo Reviews the One Click to Claim

In the first version of Qazzoo there were several blocks that indicated that the profile of the consumer had been contacted by which ever number of blocks were colored gray. Blocks that were white indicated how many times the lead

Qazzoo Reviews the Newest Improvements

As Qazzoo reviews the state of the lead generation business and the tools we provide as we are always in search of new and better ways to provide valued service. And like always we have been busy working on improvements

Great Review for Qazzoo from Eric C.

Today we received this from Eric C. in Chicago, IL. Hi Matt, I just wanted to update you and let you know how things are coming along. I’m a mortgage banker and I am shocked at how high the lead to