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Qazzoo Serves up New Business

Many agents and loan officers make the mistake of thinking that home buyers and sellers already know someone in the industry and therefore there is no reason to generate new business. These unfortunate professionals are bound to repeat the same

Qazzoo Leads for Sellers and Buyers!

The buyers are the easy part. The sellers are just a little more complicated but really they are easy too. Just put in the search bar the word “listing” or any reasonable facsimile of the word. Other words that work

Selling Homes and Dentistry

The similarities are more significant than you might think? Dentists are in the business of not hurting people while they are doing what could be a painful proposition. The trick is to make the people feel good about what they

3 Simple Steps to Better Follow Up

It is really easy to do this but no one does it. So if we do? We will set ourselves apart from all the other professionals in the market who friend or foe they are our competition. Create three stacks

Some Like to Sell and Others Like to Chat

Talking and selling are often confused. Talking is like the news as there is no end to it. Selling is like watching a good movie. There is a beginning, a middle and an end. This is just the breakdown of

Qazzoo Reviews the One Click to Claim

In the first version of Qazzoo there were several blocks that indicated that the profile of the consumer had been contacted by which ever number of blocks were colored gray. Blocks that were white indicated how many times the lead

A Deeper Look Under The Hood Of The Qazzoo Company

As always we have tried to remain open and give you a look inside the launch of a new company with new technology and a completely unique business model. Membership continues to grow and our users are emailing us positive