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Already busy? But how productive are we?

We can get real busy in real estate without the benefits that should come from our hard work. The secret is that sometimes we are just plain busy and not as productive as we would like to be. Being productive

Qazzoo on Getting the Rock Rolling

We can push and pull and struggle to make the ball roll up the hill but does the extra effort really create a degree of momentum or does it just make us frustrated? We know from past experience that sometimes

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Would you rather be sailing?

If you would rather be sailing or whatever the cliché is in your neck of the woods, you are not alone. We would, most of us anyway be playing tennis, sailing, skiing or whatever the local outdoors provides. The difference

I Must Do the Most Productive Thing at Every Given Moment

This has long been the mantra of the most productive people in real estate and in other industries. This mantra is an important thought to allow to run through a persons’ head. To keep the momentum of the day to