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Qazzoo reviews Washington, DC

Okay we know, politics and marches on the capital can bring traffic to a dead stop but the city has so much to offer that to overlook it would be a shame. Qazzoo staff often visits Washington DC and we

Setting Goals and Kicking Butt

There is no difference between wanting and having except that having means that you have taken action. Having means that we have done something to attain what we want. It is not always easy to take action or everyone would

Qazzoo Reviews Social Media

The reviews we saw in 2004 are no longer the reviews we see today  10 years later. What was once an objective review of the movies we wanted to see or the books we wanted to read or even the

Qazzoo reviews IDX feed winners and losers

The IDX feeds that provide real estate listings to syndication sites have come under increased scrutiny with each passing week. Recently several members of the Austin Board of Realtors have moved toward removing their entire inventory of homes from sites