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Qazzoo and When We Get What We Want

If we get to where we want to go faster and easier isn’t that better? That is what we thought at Qazzoo by removing the need to advertise and bringing the buyers and sellers to the business person. We thought

Is Banner advertising better than Cost Per Click?

In short “No” Not only do banner ads have less targeting than CPC ads but they can be completely overlooked by the page-viewer while the advertiser is generally charged based on how many times the advertisement appears on someone’s browser

Why Is Pay Per Click Terrible?

The trouble with Pay-Per-Click advertising is the same problem with most types of passive advertising; it lacks any type of real filtration and relies on the other guy doing something. This is why PPC is not much different from outbound marketing

Who is better at Pay-Per-Click Advertising Google, Bing or Yahoo?

For my money I have always had more success with Google. Between Google’s click through traffic and conversion rates both being higher than any other source and the reach of Adsense which brings another dimension to Google that really cannot

How to create a great real estate lead generation machine a step by step

Seriously doesn’t it just make us all a little crazy that real estate leads are people and people are sometimes motivated to tell less than the truth when they are online. The anonymity that the internet provides is somehow empowering

Money Vampires are out to get us all…

Well it’s been almost two months since my last post, I know you all missed me dearly, but unfortunately I have been busy doing other things. Google has once again thrown me a curve ball by changing up the Google

Qazzoo Continues to Change the World of Real Estate Lead Generation

Like anything that is worth doing Qazzoo is worth doing right and to do things right we are constantly changing and improving the system that is Qazzoo. With several patents on social search engine technology, we are obviously the first to create

Everyone wants to be a Marketer

There are many misunderstandings in the field of marketing; often time’s people do not realize that the field is very broad. The only problem with this is it makes it almost impossible for one person to do everything, and yet

The First Month of 2013

The first month of the year is always my favorite indicator of the next eleven months that follow the cold but foretelling month of January. In years past I have been able to predict the year after just the first

Dude where’s my Real Estate lead?

I may not be Aston Kutcher but I get asked this question at least 200 times a day. As a marketing specialist in the Real Estate industry I answer to so many people that it makes my head spin. “Dude