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Fundamentals Don’t Change, Master Them

Major League Baseball player and manager Dick Williams once said, “Playing without the fundamentals is like eating without a knife and fork. You make a mess.” The same could be said for real estate. Many agents start their real estate

The Essentials That Are Needed To Achieve Success

Regardless of how much knowledge and experience you have, or think you have, there is still more to learn. Learning is essential for growth, and growth is critical to success. After all, if you don’t grow, how can you expect

The Most Important Asset Of Any Company

If you guessed the people, you are correct. If you guessed anything else you may have guessed number two or three, but number one is the people in your company. A company without people is just an Inc or LLC that

Zig Ziglar

The Qazzoo representative responsible for the Carolina’s is Mike Hobgood. He was recently on the phone with a new client and the new client gave Mike a quote from the master of sales Zig Ziglar. The quote goes something like

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!

Bob Marley said it best, although I don’t believe he ever meant it to be used in this way. The way I am referring to is for YOU, the real estate professional, who needs more homebuyers and home sellers, to