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How a female Real Estate professional sees the Real Estate market!

I don’t know if it is any different for women and men as I have never been a man, but I thought it was worth some investigation to see how professional women felt about the current Real Estate market as

Will the election lead real estate out of the mess or deeper in?

I for one never try to mix politics with my occupation. Online Real Estate and Real Estate leads are all I am supposed to focus on, but with the election only a couple of days away I am forced to

Prospecting for Real Estate Leads – low hanging fruit…

Is it a good time to buy a home now? The Real Estate market is excellent in many areas of the country. Real Estate Leads can be found everywhere. Home prices are either holding steady or have increased slightly. Best of

Are you missing Out on HARP?

As I began talking to a potential client yesterday, he promptly told me he did not qualify because he was upside down on his home. This is something many homeowners have been faced with due to the erosion of equity over the