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A perfect storm is brewing for a sellers’ market.

People are always going to buy homes no matter the conditions of the market but this year we are seeing a strong sellers’ market because of three main factors. There is less inventory than this time last spring, the prices

Qazzoo Building the Business of Business

The construction of a website is often the first step in building more business for real estate agents and loan officers. This first step seems like it should do the trick when it is being built, but the truth is

Free leads “Legacy Leads”

That is right. Legacy leads can be unlocked at no charge. They are absolutely free and you are welcome to select them every day. People ask us why we are providing legacy leads and what is the point of giving

Qazzoo Complaints Regarding Social Media Part III

It is not always technology that leaves real estate professionals and small business owners scratching their heads and asking “What am I missing? Why don’t I get it? What am I doing wrong?” it is what the technology offers or

Qazzoo Reviews Home Buyer Complaints Part II

As Qazzoo reviews the results from a recent home buyer survey the second most common complaint from homebuyers was that they felt that they were not listened to by the real estate agent. “Not listened to” was a distant second

Qazzoo Complaints Regarding Social Media Part II

It was early in the concept stages of the development of Qazzoo that we determined the following…Social media had little to no geographic functionality. This is key to real estate agents and millions of small businesses around the world. This

I Must Do the Most Productive Thing at Every Given Moment

This has long been the mantra of the most productive people in real estate and in other industries. This mantra is an important thought to allow to run through a persons’ head. To keep the momentum of the day to

Qazzoo Complaints Regarding Social Media Part I

We are constantly asked what made us create Qazzoo. The following is meant to set the record straight and allow the users, members, detractors and the mildly curious to understand more about Qazzoo and why it exists and why we

Timing is everything

On the subject of timing in regards to getting back to real estate leads as many times at it takes to close, I was reminded of a story that I wanted to share. As a young and restless entrepreneur I

Qazzoo Reviews Home Buyer Complaints Part I

The most common complaint from homebuyers when reviewing our internal bi-weekly surveys is that home buyers do not receive timely call backs from real estate agents and are left wondering. Slow follow-up can occur because of several different reasons all