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2 Mistakes that Agents Make (A Lot)

Thinking that if the other guy loses…we win Many agents, we all know at least one, think that if the other agent caves in the negotiation process that the one who caved loses and that they win in the big

3 secrets of the most successful Real Estate pro’s Part III

Taking notes, setting schedules and appointments for ourselves. Smart phones are putting personal assistants out of work but they have the potential to make the user a great deal more organized. Taking notes is essential to keep a busy mind

3 secrets of the most successful Real Estate pro’s Part II

At the right time is as much about the client as the professional so we have to stay organized. Not OCD organized just organized to know what to do every day and what doesn’t need to be done. They say

3 secrets of the most successful Real Estate pro’s Part I

Being at the right place at the right time requires that we are first at the right place As real estate professionals we are always supposed to be there with whatever our real estate leads need. This gets harder all

Sales is a craft that improves with practice

If you are reading this post there is a very good chance that you are in sales of some sort. And if you are in sales…of some sort, you probably received some training along the way…of some sort. With the

Where are all the exclusive real estate leads?

The idea of exclusive leads is close to the concept of unicorns flying over rainbows that lead to pots of gold. Does anyone really think that a home buyer goes online and contacts a single real estate agent or lender.

Visualization tools that help make Real Estate leads…Real Estate DEALS

Don’t let me go crazy on this subject as I will be all too tempted to do so. The method of shopping for a new home or a pair of socks is the same. It is all about eliminating options

Handling Real Estate leads in a recovery

We have gotten so used to the real estate market being in recovery that we may not know what to do anymore when the market is fully recovered. The National Association of Realtors just announced that the price of homes

Personality Conflicts and Overcoming Them

Personalities are like opinions and we all know about opinions and who has them. The personality question is not only which real estate leads we get along with but also who are we able to get along with in order

How to communicate that closing now is best for your mortgage leads

Low rates are created they are not born of some coupling of two financial entities after a great night at a local club. They are created by the federal government trying to balance supply and demand. While demand is low